❔ Troubleshooting

What to do when things don't work as expected with building your Unity app.

When I press Play in Unity I see a black screen!

You can test the connection to echoAR by pressing Play to start the app on Unity.

Note that the Game view will show a black screen - that is expected as the Game view tries to access the mobile AR camera which doesn't exists when running on a desktop machine.

When you build the app on iOS or Android the app will be able to access the camera

The test your app, you can switch to the Scene view and drag the echoAR prefab into the hierarchy. If the API key was set correctly you should be able to see 3D assets from the echoAR console stream into Unity.

I can see the 3D models in Unity but not in the mobile app!

If you are seeing the 3D models in Unity but not in the AR app you build, this might be a mobile shader support issue.

Try adding the following metadata to your models in the console:




Legacy Shaders/Diffuse

Now restart the mobile app.

The model is really big or very small!

Scale the model by pinching the screen with two fingers.

You can also change the size of the model by adding a metadata key named scale to the 3D models. See how in the Data Page section of the documentation.

I am getting errors relating to ARKit/ARCore!

Unity apps built with AR Foundation require that your device is compatible with ARKit or ARCore.

Make sure to have Google Play Services for AR installed on your Android device.

I see some Unity error regarding AR Foundation!

Try using Unity 2019.4 to insure no AR Foundation package errors.

How do I use Unity?

Checkout the official Working with Unity manual or the full Unity documentation to get a better understanding of what you can build in Unity.

I am getting some other error.

Let's talk! Ask on Slack or send an email to support@echoAR.xyz and please attach a screenshot of the error you are experiencing.