🔨 Installation

Learn how to integrate our system with Flutter.

You can easily use echoAR as a backend for your Flutter project by integrating the echoAR Flutter Plugin.

You can skip these steps and start building now with our open-source Flutter + echoAR example project.

1. Setup the config file

Add the echoAR plugin as a dependency in to your project's pubspec.yaml file:

echoar_package: "^0.0.1+2"

2. Get package

After setting up the configuration file run the following command:

flutter pub get

Add an the package as an import yin our Dart code:

import 'package:echoar_package/echoar_package.dart';

3. Initialize project

Initialize your Flutter echoAR object by adding your API key:

EchoAR(apiKey: "<YOUR-API-KEY>");

That's it! 🎉